Who is your favorite Bob’s Burgers Character and Why?

“I don’t really watch the show, but I like Tina. She’s very…strange.” 

-Emily Hawkins; Senior Animal Science Major; 21 years old

“I really like Gene. He reminds me of me the way he eats everything.”

-Kacey Tollett; Senior Accounting Major; 21 years old

“Tina. Because it’s Tina.”

-Katie Macon; Sophomore Nursing major; 20 years old

“I like Bob. No one likes Bob. I mean, John Benjamin is a boss.”

-Wesley Eke; Senior Political Science Major; 22 years old

“Louise is so evil and maniacal. I feel like she is me. Or that I am her.”

Haley Richardson; Sophomore History and Spanish Double Major; 19 years old 

“That’s a hard question. It’s between Tina or Louise. I like both. If I had to pick, Tina.”

-Brenna Hoffman; Senior Public Relations major; 24 years old


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